Reading in an Age of Rambling Readers

Reading is increasingly far away from modern people, and book publishing has long been regarded as a sunset industry. Many bookstores and publishers are struggling to figure out how to reverse the phenomenon of “reading is dead”.
When we say “reading is dead”, it generally implies that fewer and fewer people are reading books. Some people blame the problem on technological development, believing that physical books will eventually be replaced by screens, so some are catching up with the e-book trend. This year, the Hong Kong Publishing Federation launched the “Publishing 3.0” project to provide a free “e-book conversion platform” for the local publishing industry. This project aims to …..

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Mission Quest: Sharing by Students of Inter-College Department Integral Mission Summer Internship Program (Issue 493)

This summer, our Inter-College Department continued to organize the Integral Mission Summer Program (IMSP), in which five students participated in the “Please Give Me a Cup of Cool Water Program”, four in the “Student Ministry/Media Ministry Program”, and two in the “Creation Care Summer Mission Program”. The following is the sharing of the participating students…

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Summer Program Sharing: Finding Our “State” In an Ever-changing World (Issue 493)

What is a normal state? What is a state of recovery? In what way is it a routine?

Perhaps in a world that seems to have returned to its original state with the passing of the pandemic, the former features have become blurred. As pandemic, aspects including society, and technology have undergo changes, revolutions, and transformations, the world we now live in seems to have put on make-up; Beautiful outwardly, but worn out at heart. The city is filled with confusion, trauma, disorientation, and disintegration. Options abound for young people to explore, but how do we choose?

What is God’s unchanging “state” in the midst of a variety of paths, and in a world where facts and illusions are becoming blurred? How does the daily routine we hold in our hands, put in our hearts, believe in and practice look like? This summer, more than ten current DSE students have embarked on this journey of seeking “the state” with God from the…

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Issue 493- Is There Something Wrong with Seeking to Live Out Mission on Campus?—Youth Bible Conference Sharing

Our lives may inevitably get “something wrong”. The blind spots of human beings can be very big, and we often do not know whether we have “got something wrong” or not. We really need to rely on God’s grace to find out the truth of our situation through Bible reading and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. That’s why this summer, July 31-August 1, our Inter-school and Inter-college departments co-organized a Youth Bible Conference called “Is There Something Wrong with Seeking to Live Out Mission on Campus?”

It all started at our staff retreat camp earlier in the year, when our team sensed the need to re-establish community amongst a generation that had experienced the pandemic. At the same time, we are…

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Practice.Walking together – HKNCF Sharing (Issue 492)

When the COVID outbreak subsided last year, we focused our short-term missions back to the local community, partnering with local Christian organizations to provide simple health check-ups and deliver health talks.

In the local community ministry, we not only recruit nurses, but also encourage student nurses to participate. Since student nurses were not able to practise in hospitals or other settings during the pandemic, we hope that through this ministry, students can come into contact with people in the community, conduct simple health check-ups with the nurses, chat with the neighbors, and…

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Campus Frontline: Non-Mainstream Pioneers – Sharing of the IG Ministry of the Inter-School DepartmentCampus Frontline: Non-Mainstream Pioneers – (Issue 492)

Adrianne Lee, Associate Staff of Inter-School Department
[email protected]

Our lives, culture, preferences, favorite songs, favorite brands, etc. are all influenced by the “mainstream”. We all love to follow the “mainstream” because it is safe, it will not make any mistake, and it will not be strange. This also affects our church life and campus fellowship life. Fellowships are often short of people to lead worship and small groups, and mainstream always recruits people who love music to be on the worship team, and people who are “talkative and social” to be the group leaders.

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Issue 492 Featured Article: Articulate the movement of the spirit –Introduction of Inter-School Ministry for the New School Year

The most important feature of Instagram’s “Your Story” is that it is “24-hour limited”, your story will automatically disappear after one day. It would not be exaggerating to say that this is one of the “more comfortable” ways of sharing amongst young people in recent years. Perhaps it reflects their life pattern and shape in the midst of constant change.

In his book, The Wounded Healer, Henri Nouwen used “articulate the movement of the spirit” to depict the knowledge and narratives that move between the everyday and the spiritual, and as a peer proposal to respond to a generation that lacks a vision. If the two “movements” are visualized together, “how to discover and speak of God’s presence…

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Special Feature: The Testimonies of Lives—Secondary School Educators Who Persevere in the Narrow Gap (Issue 491)

Schools have been the first to be affected by the rapid changes in Hong Kong. Many youth workers continue to do their best to nurture students with Christian values on secondary school campuses. We interviewed three teachers and a school chaplain to see how they continue to persevere in spite of the difficulties.

Journey of Life Impacting on Life | Mr. Chan
Mr. Chan said that he entered the education field because of his A level Chinese teacher, who had a profound impact on him in just one and a half years. “He brought me to the church, and opened my eyes to the Chinese language and Christianity. He also integrated his faith and life very well,, and his pastoral care for people influenced me to choose to become a teacher.” This kind of pastoral care influences how Mr. Chan mentors his students today…

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Campus Frontline: Dwelling in the Word in the Time of Separation (Issue 491)

The training of Inter-College Department in this semester follows the theme of the Bible Camp 2022, exploring how to find the courage to survive in a time of disruption and separation. The Bible Study Leaders Training, [Stay a Moment with the Interpretation of John], continued their study of the Gospel of John, hoping to draw light and healing from Jesus’ parting words, while the Spiritual Discipline Introductory Class, [We Who Encounter with the Lord], learned how to recognize the voice of the Lord and live in His presence…

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Issue 490 Featured Article: Desiring Holiness: Re-formation of the Saints CommunityTheme for the Inter-College Department’s 2023-24 Ministry Program

The pandemic, which has lasted for more than three years, has finally come to an end. Although everything is declared “back to normal”, what is normal? The past normality is long gone, and there is only a “new reality” at this moment. College campuses have long been deprived of normality. They are no longer a place for students to explore and grow freely, but preventing them from getting together and experiencing community life…

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Special Feature: From University to Seminary —— Theology Students’ Life Stories with FES (Issue 490)

FES has witnessed graduates practicing their vocations in a variety of positions, many of whom have chosen to study theology. We invited two seminary students who have participated in FES to see how the Student Evangelism Movement has influenced them on their path to theology.

Support in Transition
“I decided to serve full-time when I was in college fellowship. …

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Issue 490 Featured Article: Spirituality, Community, Mission

In recent years, “spirituality” has become a common concern among believers. These concerns are not only about clarifying a concept, but also about developing an awareness, about knowing oneself and knowing the Lord, and about how the Lord guides one’s path in life. It is when one pursues the journey to a deeper understanding of the Lord that he or she comes closest to their true self and understands best their unique calling and their role and place in the heavenly community…

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Special Feature: Identify God’s Calling–GCF 65th Anniversary Refocus (Issue 489)

This year marks the 65th anniversary of Graduates Christian Fellowship of Hong Kong (GCF) and FES. Confronted with pandemic, energy shortage, price inflation, Russia-Ukraine war, etc., the world is facing the domino effect, no corner of the globe is left unaffected. Hong Kong further needs to face serious problems including immigration, social unrest, brain drain and succession gap. As Christians, how should we navigate and respond to these changes? Can the workplace mission we are promoting at GCF open up a dialogue with graduates of all ages and put this evangelical movement into practice together…

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Campus Frontline: Our “Lingering” City, the Remaining us – Seeking the Courage to be Present (Issue 489)

“The world is in ruins, lingering in disintegration.
Clearly deserving of death and having lived long enough, break down the curse.”
— “Being Alive” by per se

The Hong Kong band per se’s song “Being Alive” is set in the background of the end of the world and speaks of the irredeemable future and the need to hold on to this moment of lingering around the verge of death. It is a paradoxical state, a threshold between life and death, at the edge of existence…

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Issue 489 Featured Article: Reflecting On the Past, Heading Towards 70th – A Fearless Heart Must Not Be Lost

FES 65th Anniversary Thanksgiving Gathering has been successfully completed. The theme of this gathering was “Reflecting on the past and heading Towards 70th”, which was not a reminiscence of the past or a review of past achievements. While all that FES has done for God in the past is important, Dr. Simon CHEUNG led us through Hebrews 10 to reflect on the many painful struggles we have endured. These experiences of enduring and not holding back have been the driving force behind our ability to…

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65th Anniversary Feature Article: Encouragements from Companions – Congratulations from Fellowships of Taiwan and Macau (Issue 488)

Together We Meet the Challenge and Bring Blessings to a Multitude of Lives

We are thankful to be able to offer blessings on this historic occasion of the 65th anniversary of FES. The Campus Evangelical Fellowship (CEF) of Taiwan is also celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. I hope that as I encourage you as brothers in the Lord, we can exhort each other as well.

Nowadays, all kinds of phenomena and cultures have emerged on the internet, all of which are issues that student workers cannot avoid today…

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Campus Frontline – Hide-and-Seek–ISO 2022 Joint School Fellowship Committee Training Day (Issue 488)

What is hidden is expected to be seen.
Sadness and Separation, the Holy Spirit consoles
Online and offline, Jesus accompanies.
Together or apart, the Father leads.
What is hidden will be seen.

These are the five lines on the ISO poster that outline the tensions of this year’s participants, who are engaged in the secondary school ministry. Finally, after more than three years of the pandemic…

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Special Feature – The Lord’s People Connected—A Journey of Two Generations (Issue 487)

We invited Wilson, a secondary school teacher and his two graduates, Gloria and Leo, to see how a graduate led his students to learn about FES and experience spiritual growth.

M> Please share the most profound experiences you have had with each other.
G > We first met Mr. So through our Secondary School Fellowship and he was our mentor. I was impressed by how Mr. So often led some amusing and good relationship-building games in the fellowship…

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Campus Frontline – Inter-College Summer Program (Issue 487)

Our Inter-College Department organised “Please Give Me a Cup of Cold Water Internship Program” and the “Student Ministry Internship Program” (which was renamed as “Student Ministry/Media Ministry Internship” after combining with the Literature Internship Program this year). In addition, this year we organized the “Creation Care Summer Internship Program” for the first time, to go out into the interpersonal network of campus, the Internet and the community, and to step into a wider ecological network to restore…

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