Special Feature – Stories of Life Impacted by One Generation to the Next (Issue 485)

M: When did you first become involved with FES?

J: My first contact with FES was through Fat Joe, from the Inter-school Department, who invited me to attend a secondary school camp. Later I joined the FES Form 7 graduation camp and met some friends to form a Bible study group together. When I was a student at Polytechnic University, I was involved in fellowship as well as the Bible study group. The following year I was invited to be the leader of the Bible study group and I also helped to organize the Bible Study Camp for the Inter-college Department and the Form 7 graduation camp that I had previously participated in. This was the first joint school activity I was involved…

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Campus Frontline – What is the Future of Campus Fellowships? (Issue 485)

Recently, the student unions of tertiary institutions have either been suspended, disbanded, or have increasingly come into conflict with the universities. Student unions and campus fellowships could be considered to be inseparable, so what will happen to the fellowships of the various institutions? What pressures are the fellowships facing? Here we have invited two students from different universities to share their struggles and reflections…

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Issue 485 Featured Article: A Time to Reorientate – Reinstating the Rhythm of the Heart of Faith

If students were to use one word to describe their school life at the moment, it would be ‘exhausted’. The coronavirus, which has been spreading around the world since the end of 2019, is still rampant, and the constantly changing virus seems to have made life under the pandemic indefinite. “Living under the pandemic” means that online teaching/meetings have become the norm, and social life with masks and distance has become the daily practice. With the erratic policy of fighting the pandemic…

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Special Feature: Generation After Generation of Discipleship – From Being a Student of the Past to Ministering to Students today (Issue 484)

As FES enters its 65th anniversary this year, we invited Virginia Wong, a staff from the Christian Student Union of Hong Kong Baptist University (CSU), and Elisa, a CSU graduate whom she has served, to share how the fellowship has brought about life change and how they have transformed from former students to staff serving students today.

M: How did you get involved with FES?
W: I graduated from Baptist University and was involved in CSU when I was a student…

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Issue 484 Featured Article: Opportunities and Challenges for Emotional-Pastoral Care

Can I be my true self in church?

At a university fellowship gathering last term, I asked a few students during the breakout session, “As our society is going through an extremely difficult time, does the Church have any ways to cope with the challenges together with brothers and sisters?” In return, the response was unanimous: the Church seems to be running as if everything is going on as usual. We have tried to identify the reasons why the Church has not been able to reach the deeper needs of its members…

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65th Anniversary Interview: Gathering Students as Witnesses of Light – Interviews with Former FES Staff and Students (Issue 483)

As FES is approaching its 65th anniversary, we have invited former staff and students to dialogue and share with each other to see how FES has influenced students and graduates of different generations.

Current situation and needs of the students’ community

A: I feel that after the social campaigns and the outbreak of pandemic, the students’ community seems to have been badly wounded, less intimate relationships between individuals, and the fellowship members have adapted to struggling alone…

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Campus Frontline: Gaining Lights from the Words—2021 Inter-College Biblical Activities Sharing (Issue 483)

Over the past two years, Hong Kong has undoubtedly had a difficult time. In facing political developments and sudden changes in society under the pandemic, it seems that we can only react passively to the situation and are overwhelmed by a sense of powerlessness. FES believes that only by holding onto the Word of God can a person find anchor in the midst of loss and strength in the midst of powerlessness. Therefore, we are committed to facilitating Bible study among our students through various activities, enabling the Word of God to be a vital force and a guide for exhausted souls…

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Issue 483 Featured Article: Wilderness and Workplace – Peer Pastoral Care at GCF

When workplace believers enter the real world of work, it is like the situation the Israelites had to face when they went into the wilderness. Whether a fresh graduate or a long-time professional, moving from one place to a new environment can be a lonely transition. When one enters the wilderness, he or she not only lacks resources, but also has to face a dangerous wilderness environment, or different kinds of unexpected events, or even struggle with dreadful things. In this wilderness, sometimes there may be a mirage, or the ultimate hope of sweet manna and a land of milk and honey…

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