Issue 479 Featured Article: Annual Ministry Plan of Inter-College Team (2021-22): The Dawn Community: Spirituality – Community – Hope

William LAM, Director of Inter-College Team

If I had to use one word to describe the past year in Hong Kong, it would be “traumatized”. The COVID-19 that has spread around the world since late December 2019 has posed a tremendous impact and challenge to the Hong Kong society, families and individuals. With the recurring pandemic, online learning and gatherings have become the norm. While adapting to it, students have become physically and emotionally exhausted and experienced alienation in relationships. What is more worrying is the drastic changes of political environment, including the implementation of National Security Law, the charges against the pro-democracy candidates and the changes in the electoral system, etc. These sudden changes in the political situation, coupled with the ongoing pandemic, has left the Hong Kong community traumatized. In a wounded Hong Kong, we come across a group of vulnerable young people; as a matter of fact, not only are they vulnerable, so are we…… How shall we walk with the wounded generation?

The Dawn Community: Spirituality – Community – Hope

In his poem To the Unknown Evangelist, Mr. Bian Yunbo wrote, “Just before the break of dawn, the world looms dark, difficult, and dreary……”. The theme of our Inter-College Ministry for 2021-22 is “The Dawn Community: Spirituality – Community – Hope”, and herein lies the meaning: The darker the world becomes, the stronger we anticipate the dawn. Coming of the dawn is our message, our hope and our strength. The Christian community is people who stand in the narrow gap between darkness and dawn.

In these wounded times, whether it is the alienation caused by the recurring pandemic or lack of space to absorb the dramatic changes in the political environment, each of us is exhausted and vulnerable. Situation appears to deteriorate even further. Nevertheless, it was in the death and resurrection of Christ on the cross, the disciples were empowered. When Christ died on the cross, it appeared to be a time when death ruled wildly and evil triumphed. Yet Christ’s resurrection on the cross accomplished everything, shattered both death and evil, sending a clear message to the world that God still reigns and that He ultimately triumphs over death and evil.

In this way the followers of Christ have been transformed from worldly failures to dawn evangelists. The resurrection of Christ becomes the unifying core of the community. As we walk with young people today with the message of Christ’s resurrection, we seek to connect with them at a time when life is fragile and let Christ’s resurrection empower our lives for each other.

Ministry Action

Under the theme of 2021-22, we continue to have three aspects of ministries which work together and respond to the needs of the campus. Firstly, it is our universal ministry, including pastoral care on campus, Bible study camp or groups, ‘Being with Being’ listening movement and College Christian Daily etc. We hope to outreach to students widely and share our theme vision with them. Secondly, it is our deepening ministry. Based on the universal ministry, we have in-depth contact with the lives of students, connect with them and strengthen the community. We run various trainings and group works, such as fellowship leader training, missions learning group, reading group, etc. and our key ministry in summer, “Integral Mission Summer Programme”. Finally, we have “Associate Staff Scheme” which recruits, trains and supports graduates to participate in the ministry of the Inter-College Team on a voluntary basis.

May the power of Christ’s resurrection unite us once again, as the first disciples did, so that we may have the spiritual resilience to stand against the powers of darkness and become a community of hope in preaching the message of the dawn (resurrection).

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