FES Annual Appeal 2021

17th February 2021

Dear companions of FES,

Peace be with you in the New Year! I believe that in the New Year’s greeting of this year, family and friends are likely to talk about migrating to another country. It is not an easy decision to start all over again for the sake of children’s education or the right to personal freedom, and to run towards a future that is equally unsure. Some people choose to stay and do their best at their roles according to their calling or beliefs. However, how could one keep from being caught up in fear caused by reality, which may lead to no way out? Again, it is a question of the future. We must be confident that the future is in the hands of God, not the extension of the present, but that the new things He accomplishes is crucial to the path of history.

What we do today for the Lord’s kingdom is by no means in vain, especially the work of nurturing the young or caring for the least of these little ones, of which the Lord says, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Mt 25:40). The future does not depend on us, it can only be imagined in our minds. However, we can determine, by our actions, what kind of world we want to leave behind for those who come after us, and it is not up to us to make it a success.

Even though the world changes, FES’s persistence and commitment to student-oriented ministries has never changed. It may seem inappropriate to promote student work or youth pastoral care here and now. Primarily, in this age we (including those in ministry) must learn to be real people, to acknowledge our barrenness, our lack and our great need for the Lord’s help, to take off our phony masks and to walk together with the youth in the storm. We must seriously pursue what are the content of gospel we believe in the present in order to understand the content of gospel to reach our young people with.

Recently we organized meeting to exchange ideas for “FES Day Guarding this Generation”. We were reminded by our guest speakers to do our best to safeguard the values of truth, goodness and beauty, regardless of the educational environment, and to guard humanity and lives in our roles, so that we can act in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ. With students seeing a bleak future and teachers under immense pressure, FES is committed to working with you all to create the strength of beauty and goodness to face the challenges ahead. In addition, our Inter-school team is currently preparing for the launch of the “Live with the Spirit 2021” online devotional program for youths in September of the new school year, which will provide spiritual nourishment for students who are struggling with their lives. After more than a year of suffering from the pandemic, another summer holiday in a new normal is on the horizon. Please pray for wisdom to our team to know how to plan for summer ministry in order to meet the needs of our students and to form disciples who are prepared to respond to the mission of the times.

The past year has been a traumatic one for society and people. FES could only strive our best and do our part in the mission that includes connecting and encouraging each other by promoting the Listening Campaign among our various partner groups. Please find enclosed the 2020 Annual Report where you can get a better idea of the direction and work of FES. Let us give all praise and thanks to God.

Looking ahead to this year, FES is still walking by faith in ways unknown. What we do may seem small but it is supremely noble. “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because his is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” (Mt 10:42). In these tough times, we are in great need of companions and co-workers in God’s kingdom. Your contribution to a little brother who is so precious in the eyes of the Lord will be richly rewarded by the Father who watches in secret.

May God’s grace be with you in peace and in good health!

Your brother,
General Secretary


Donation methods (Local)

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