Special Feature: Together We Pursue the Light in the Darkness — Reunion for Cool Water Alumni

Eddy LAM, Assistant Staff, Inter-College Team

While the pandemic changes, the needs of our neighbours are always there. In mid-October, the “Cool Water Alumni Fellowship” gathered a group of graduates of the “Please give me a cup of cool water — Poor-caring Internship Programme (Cool Water in below) and believers from the Young Graduates Fellowship, and envisioned the future……

I joined Cool Water in 2014. It has been six years already. Many of the experiences I had during my few months at Cool Water are still vivid in my mind. Various insights I gained from them still influence my reflections today. Fellow members who I met at Cool Water in the past still cherish each other’s friendship and meet up occasionally. This Cold Water Alumni Fellowship reunion not only reminded us of the fire and passion we shared in those days, but also gave us the opportunity to further develop. After all, we have never had the chance in the past to connect with other fellow members of Cool Water from different years. We all indeed shared similar passions and even grew up in the same organisation. The Cool Water Alumni Fellowship has served as a bridge between the different parallel lines, allowing us who are now being challenged in different ways in society, to see that we still have each other who tried to set him/herself on fire, to stimulate one another and to expand our vision amidst the darkness of Hong Kong.

Hiu Ching, Graduate of Cool Water

The Cool Water Alumni Fellowship was more than just a gathering of old friends. They shared their practices and ideas on issues such as environmental protection, political system, community, labour, education, poverty, inmates, elderly, medical and rehabilitation. They encouraged and inspired each other……

I had not participated in any Cool Water activities before. I attended this event simply to learn more about what it was about, to listen to the experiences of the participants, and to learn about their thoughts on different social issues. I was privileged to be part of a group discussing ‘constitutional’ and ‘medical’ issues. I was able to gain first-hand insights and experiences from practitioners and professionals. For example, some members shared their sadness from historically perspectives about the vicious cycle of the political and social environment, which has become impossible to be healed and changed. Another group with medical-related professionals also shared their views on the problems of the medical system. As a layperson, I believe through my act of listening with empathy and compassion, he or she could express emotions and be strengthened. Although I did not gain a great deal of insight from the event, I was able to find some relief in my sadness from the valuable face-to-face meeting during the pandemic and the in-depth interactions that took place.

Samuel Lee, Young Graduate Fellowship Member / Campus Fellowship Graduate

Together they reflected on the past, faced the difficult present, and stepped out to serve faithfully and steadfastly……

The 22nd Cool Water Internship Programme has passed in a flash. Being able to meet up with a group of companions from my university days again in the Cool Water Alumni Fellowship reminded me of the days when I went into the service for grassroots with a great passion. In the conversations I had with the members, I found that even though we had stepped into society, we were still striving to care for the disadvantaged in the community at our roles. I was deeply moved. After this reunion, I realise that we are small and our impact on society is limited. Yet we should do our best to carefully observe the people and things around us in our daily lives, to show our love in the smallest of ways and to share the love of Jesus to those around us who are in need.

Alan Shiu, Graduate of Cool Water

May these sharing be a drop of cool water in you, carry you through these rough times and enable you to share a cup of cool water to the neighbours.

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