Monthly Prayer Letter (December 2020)

21st December 2020

Dear companions of FES,

May peace be with us all in this land of sadness and despair during the Christmas season. Over the past year or so, Hong Kong has been overwhelmed by the pandemic and security law. Many are traumatized and have to face their suffering alone, worrying about their loved ones. Being in relationships is the essence of life. The loss of contact with others or isolation from people is not only a physical pain, but also an exhaustion of will and an absence of meaning. We must pray earnestly for those who fall into this situation. May a message of trust and care, and a warm smile be sent to the lives of those who are separated. The peace and grace of the Lord is indeed with each individual.

We tend to plan for our own future when we possess with belongings, yet forget to entrust it to the Lord. I recently read a word of faith from a brother who was being held in custody, “Fate is beyond human measure. I would rather commit it all to the Lord.” When one peacefully commits the way ahead to the Lord, it opens the path to freedom. The greatest freedom in life is to lay ourselves down and open our lives to the higher ground, which is the Kingdom of God and His sovereignty. The very first thing Jesus came to earth to proclaim was coming of the kingdom of God (Mark 1:15). He came to take charge of our hearts, inviting us to put aside our own selves and allow the image of God to be integrally manifested in our lives for His glory.

I am grateful that my teammates and I have completed the course, “Life Works: Youth Development and Pastoral Care” of Theological Education by Extension from China Graduate School of Theology. In the last session, pastors and mentors shared their reflections and experiences in pastoral care. We felt that we could become a community of companions, sharing our triumphs and weaknesses in the Lord. May God continue to keep everyone of us in our positions and accept our own limitations in these times, building trusting relationships with young people and experiencing His mercy and blessings together.

Please pray for the final preparations for our Inter-School Team’s Bible Camp “Poetry of Fear”, which will be held online for three days instead. May the Lord lead the 70 participating students to complete this term smoothly, so that they may have space for listening to the Word. Please pray that as we provide training to Bible study leaders, the Lord would give wisdom and gentleness to them. May a spiritual fellowship be built up through small group Bible studies and sharing.

The outlook for the coming year is rather gloomy, both for Hong Kong and internationally. I hope that you will not be taken over by fear and that you will always be aware of the Lord’s leading and His heart, whatever your plans may be. Recently I have been exploring the future of Church in Hong Kong with a number of pastors, imagining different scenarios. In any case, where the sheep are, so must the shepherds be. Pray that the Lord will strengthen our faith as each step ahead is in His hands.

May the Lord deliver and renew everything!

Your brother,
General Secretary


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