Monthly Prayer Letter (October 2020)

27th October 2020

Dear companions of FES,

The recent series of controversial incidents in the education sector, including the cancellation of a primary school teacher’s registration and the disputable appointment of the vice-presidents of the University of Hong Kong, have caused people to worry that the education sector is facing unprecedented challenges and regulation. Education is no longer education if it is controlled and censored by the regime. By its very nature, education must involve a kind of creativity, that is, giving a new meaning to the students, whether it be an increase in knowledge or critical thinking, a greater awareness of themselves, or even a clearer sense of their own direction in life. By not trusting the ability of students to develop their own perspectives, institutional education has brought (in) education that neither responds to the educational needs of the new generation nor provides sufficient and balanced space for the future masters to appropriately envision “how society as a whole will move forward”.

Jesus said to his disciples, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14). The kingdom of God is full of these creative, exploratory new lives, and Jesus reminds his disciples not to be a stumbling block to their discovery of the new possibilities. There is no “typical” model for living the faith. In the same way, there is no single standard answer for education. We recently met with some Christian teachers who are under a lot of pressure to maintain professionalism and responsibility in education so that their “children” can experience growth in a space of trust and freedom. Please particularly pray for the community of teachers who are steadfast in their roles on campus.

Our team has just held our first inter-departmental ministry consultation meeting of the current academic year. We understand that Hong Kong society has been suffering from social movements and pandemic, and that the focus of our students’ work should not only be on faith-based learning, but also on the deeper needs of life. In this way, our ministry needs to be orientated to include holistic care and service to one another. May the Lord strengthen our whole team that we are able to serve and to be served, together to seek and confirm the calling from above.

We are thankful that the “Inter-School Orientation” of Inter-school Team was successfully held, in which about 100 students and teachers shared with each other online. Please also pray for the “In-depth Listening Laboratory” and “Study with You – Bible Study Facilitator Training” held by Inter-college Team every Saturday. May the students experience God’s guidance and encouragement. The recent release “Dear Logos”, a series of evangelistic booklets, is indeed a new attempt not to present the Gospel in a formulaic way, but rather to capture young people’s experience of seeking the Word in a relevant situation. This would be an ideal gift for young people who are confused or struggling.

The upcoming U.S. election will have a profound impact on the international dynamics of the future. The FES Board’s Finance Team has recently discussed some of our medium and long term goals. We are so grateful that FES supporters have always embraced our vision and ministry, while praying that more of you will be willing to make regular donations so that we can move forward assuredly into the future, planning and launching our ministries. Thank you for your support!

May the Lord enable us to tread on the heights!

Your brother,
General Secretary


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