Monthly Prayer Letter (September 2020)

24th September 2020

Dear companions of FES,

A recent research report regarding the freedom of Hong Kong by Freedom House has caught my attention. The rating of Hong Kong has been in decline over the past few years, reflecting that Hong Kong is facing a severe crisis, where political rights are being exploited and civil liberties are being threatened. Since the colonial times, Hong Kong has not been regarded as a completely free society and has long been rated as “partly free”. However, as democracy continues to deteriorate and people’s freedoms are not protected, it is not unlikely that here will turn to be a place with no freedom at all.

I believe that many of us are troubled by two recent events. A Hong Kong activist arrested over speech crime was denied bail. Political tolerance has been lost in our civilized society, which has so harshly suppressed the freedom of speech of dissidents. In addition, many Hong Kong people are deeply concerned about the 12 youngers still detained in the Mainland. Their families urge the government to respond to their demands and ensure that human rights are protected for the detainees. In the absence of legitimacy and trust, performance of the government’s various measures has been highly controversial. It is believed that the deep-rooted conflicts can only be resolved through a system that truly reflects power of the government is granted by the people.

Perhaps nowadays we are in the “post-truth era”, meaning that not only are falsehoods rife, but a sense of acceptance that truth no longer exists pervades our society. Since truth is no longer considered important, one receives information according to his/her own beliefs and expectations, creating a “cognitive barrier” that prevents one from discerning the truth. I remember that our beloved Rev. Philip Yeung led FES staff team to meditate on a dialogue between Jesus and the Pharisees to defend the truth of his testimony (John 8:12-21). Gospel not only emphasizes the expression of the content of the truth, but also adheres to the fact that this is an actual event. The work of the Holy Spirit is to remove obstacles to the knowledge of the truth and to open people’s lives to the gospel.

With great sadness we farewelled Dr. Yeung. We pray for God’s comfort to Mrs. Yeung and her two daughters in their grief. Dr. Yeung dedicated his life to teaching the Bible, and his genuine testimony often reminds us, especially in nurturing young believers, that through studying and meditating on the Bible, we need to prepare students to “learn to understand and pursue the vocation God has given me,” as Dr. Yeung himself experienced.

As schools gradually resume, may God keep it smooth and help the teachers and students adjust to the changes. The “Inter-School Orientation” of Inter-school Team will be held on October 10, and we pray that God will continue to move our students to serve on campus. FES Press’ new release “Dear Logos”, a series of evangelistic booklets will soon be available, which begins with young people’s concerns and guides the readers through character-based dialogues toward understanding of the precious Word of God. Teachers and mentors are welcome to order them.

In a time of great economic uncertainty, FES team keeps stepping forward by faith and strives to accomplish the work that the Lord has entrusted to us. If you are inspired, please walk with us in tangible ways to support our student ministry in this challenging time.

May your whole spirit, soul and body be blessed!

Your brother,
General Secretary


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