Monthly Prayer Letter (August 2020)

25th August 2020

Dear companions of FES,

Peace be with you! The rather exhausting than restful summer vacation has finally come to an end, and the uncertainty of a new school year is upon us again. Many secondary schools have been already busy preparing for the virtual start of the school year, and university registration and orientation activities are taking place online instead. In facing the new academic year, the education sector is under tremendous pressure. Coupled with political concerns, the general public has lost confidence in the future of education in Hong Kong and would have arranged for their children to study overseas if they had the choice. We need to pray for the teachers’ community earnestly that they may make every effort to keep the campus with freedom and mutual trust; and may continue to cultivate students to think independently and respect the value of life.

Youth work is like sowing seeds. Even amidst extreme difficulties, we must persevere and never quit. This faithfulness in cultivation as usual is “professionalism”. We planted the seed, but God has been making it grow. (1 Cor 3:6) Therefore, our hope depends on God’s hidden but real act. The more vicious the situation, the greater the need for planting, the more we should fearlessly and diligently do the work entrusted to us.

Give thanks to God! Students who participated in the various ministries of FES have successfully completed their learning journeys during this stormy summer. Here are some excerpts from the experiences shared by two of our students:

I am so glad and thankful that I participated in the FES DSE program this summer. I remember that the first day of activities with relationship building among us began at the Labyrinth on Tao Fong Shan. Afterwards, we divided into a group of six to watch the film “the Attorney”, to meet with the District Councilor who had been on the social movement frontline, also to talk with the Pentecostal Theological Seminary students and the editorial team of a prominent faith-based platform… These precious learning opportunities have absolutely provided me with valuable spiritual nurturing and further understanding of my faith. I look forward to my future participation in the Inter-College Team.


How to share gospel with the community around us in this era? How can we live out our faith among people? I joined FES internship program with these questions in mind, hoping to equip myself with the learning and experience from the internship and find my own answers. Over the past two months, I have broadened my perspectives on faith, participated in some of the ministries of the organization, and walked with others as some interns and I tried to share our faith with them. I turned out to carry more questions at the end of the internship. The answers-searching journey has been a long one, but I have come to realize that the gospel is becoming more and more relevant today in terms of its power of healing and hope.


I wish every student all the best as you continue to pursue your faith and equip yourself for the challenging new school year. Please also pray for team of FES, especially for the change in department heads. We thank Brother Ronald Lau for his service in the Inter-School Team in the past few years. He will return to the school setting to take on the mission of education. Sister Mesona Chan will take over the leadership as the Director of Inter-School Team. Moreover, Brother Fox Lo will focus on his Master of Theology thesis during his Sabbatical leave from September to next May. During this period, Brother William Lam will take over the responsibilities as the Acting Director of Inter-College Team. In the coming year, we will strengthen our inter-departmental communication and enrich each other through listening. May God lead us to see His vision, establish the work of our hands, and show His glory to the younger generation.

Your brother,
General Secretary


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