Monthly Prayer Letter (July 2020)

24th July 2020

Dear companions of FES,

I remember in a recent morning meeting, I shared with my fellow workers that Christians must live with a perseverance that “cannot be defeated” and that we must not lose our spirit and dignity even in the midst of harsh circumstances. A lot of things we may have to let go in our lifetime, but we must not let go of hope. As Professor Wong Ka-leung mentioned in Six Imperfect Ways of Faith, “We live in an age when many people have already resigned themselves to their fate… Many not only accept being mastered by the powerful, but also live a life of dependence on worldly power, willingly giving up hope and even ceasing to cry out to God.” When I read this sentence, I felt a chill in my heart. Isn’t this the time when we need to cry out to God the most? The truth is, there is no need to panic or count on luck, we must always be ready for the moment of trial. We need to make a choice of faith right then and there and cry out to God from the depths of our hearts. He is our most solid source of dependence.

One may ask: How much freedom do Hong Kong people still have? To me, the other side of freedom is not to be suppressed or to blindly follow. The most fundamental is the freedom of thought; how wide you can think is how big you can act. As the prophet saw at the beginning of the book of Ezekiel, God’s glorious kingdom is the ultimate destination for our thoughts and acts as believers. The theologian Barth inspired me by saying that God’s work does not require the involvement of the church or myself, but by the grace of election, we can gratefully and uncompromisingly witness and respond to God as He is manifesting His work in this great age. Let me share a life story with you: A young man who has experienced post-traumatic stress disorder recently approached me. I have been praying for him ever since we met last October. He shared with me that over the past six months, he knew God was searching for him and he could not avoid the stirring in his heart. After listening to him, I invited him to commit his life to the Lord Jesus, entrusting that from now on, he would no longer pursue his own ambition, but would focus on serving God’s kingdom.

As the COVID-19 epidemic has once again disrupted the normal life of many, including church worship, the Hong Kong Book Fair in mid-July was no exception. FES had planned to promote the newly completed “Affectionate Listening with Psalms” Listening Card 2.0 during the fair. This time we use verses from the Psalms to provide emotional support to the young people and guide them to God who values the brokenness of life (please click here to order). In addition, after four times of small group Bible studies and four mission forums, the Mission Conference 2020 “Disciples’ Road to the End” has entered the phase of “Exploring mission in practice”. We thank God for inspiring the participants to make a greater commitment in their areas of interest in the various mission groups. Bless them in their experiences and learning, and may they embark on their own mission journey under God’s guidance.

It is difficult for recent university graduates to find jobs as the economic situation in Hong Kong is so uncertain. In view of this, the FES Executive Committee and Board of Directors have decided to include one-year internships in this year’s budget, in order to help students in need during this time, as well as to provide them with the opportunity to learn and serve in our organization. As the DSE results are released in these days, please remember our young generation who, faced with all kinds of choices, are not just helpless to accept them, but can always see the glimmer of light in the crevices.

Thank you for walking with us prayerfully and tangibly. FES has weathered the stormy times with great stability and our team is full of gratitude for this. As we look ahead to the new school year, the situation may get more critical, but we still trust in the Lord and respond to the calling in our hearts. We hope that you will continue to be our witnesses and supporters, and that you will continue to walk with our young people. “Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them!”

Your brother,
General Secretary


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