Christmas Gift Appeal 2021

Dear Companions of FES,

Peace be with you in the Lord!

As we enter November, all the large shopping malls are ready with a wide range of Christmas decorations. Compared to last year, this second Christmas in the midst of the pandemic is surrounded by the usual festive atmosphere and everyone seems to be adjusting to the rhythm of life under the new normal. At this time of year when travel is not yet resumed, it is hoped that the power of local consumption will benefit all sectors of society and that each of us may share in the joy and peace that is brought by the coming of Jesus Christ…

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Monthly Prayer Letter (September 2021)

Dear companions of FES,,

We hope that both teachers and students have settled in well at the beginning of the new school year. Education is about life. Apart from passing on knowledge, it is also about listening to the vital needs of life and learning to embrace the challenges of life in a relationship of mutual trust and encouragement. In addition to operating under the new normal of pandemic prevention…

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