Campus Frontline: Milk Tea and Coffee in the Turbulence

I recently met up with the current batch of 2021 DSE students. One of them, whom we have known since the summer vacation of his Form 4, summed up his past experience with Joint School Fellowship in the following way:

“In the past, I experienced my fellowship as a time to have fun and a time to be serious. While we did not necessarily talk about faith when we were sharing our hearts, but we turned to be very serious when discussing faith issues…

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Special Feature: Together We Pursue the Light in the Darkness — Reunion for Cool Water Alumni

While the pandemic changes, the needs of our neighbours are always there. In mid-October, the “Cool Water Alumni Fellowship” gathered a group of graduates of the “Please give me a cup of cool water — Poor-caring Internship Programme (Cool Water in below) and believers from the Young Graduates Fellowship, and envisioned the future…

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Campus Frontline: Seizing the Light of Scripture in the Midst of Fear

We held our annual Joint School Bible Camp with the theme of ‘Poetry of Fear’ at the end of 2020. For three days, we conducted an online study of three scriptures from Daniel and Habakkuk around the theme of fear. There were evening meetings and workshops as well. Students seizing light in the scriptures to face their fears. The following are reflections from two participants.

From Fear to Reverence

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Issue 477 Featured Article: Live Out the Calling – Pursuing the Implication and Practice of Faith in Our Work

Calling is meant to be lived out. If we remain merely studying about calling in today’s Hong Kong, it is like eating a great delicacy that has not yet been cooked; even if swallowed, it cannot be beneficial to our bodies; let alone practicing it in our lives.

As graduates leave campus, workplace where they will spend the next few decades, naturally becomes an important arena for them to put their faith into practice…

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Campus Frontline: Finding Truth beyond the Grids: Inter-School Orientation 2020 Training Day for Joint Schools Fellowship Ministry Members

What would it be like to face the training of over 100 Zoomers for fellowship ministry?

It is ironic that with this year’s Inter-School Orientation (ISO) theme of exploring the “truth”, the event was unable to see the participants’ actual faces and hear their actual voices. However, in the midst of all these limitations, it became even more apparent how much we crave the truth…

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Issue 476 Featured Article: Contemplating life in reading

At a time when the book industry is struggling to survive, there are still authors and publishers who insist on writing and publishing books. Even new bookshops are opening, against the deficit market. Why is it?

According to the report of Survey on Hong Kong People’s Reading Habits 2020 by Hong Kong Publishing Professionals Society1, the proportion of readers who have read printed books has remained at over 65% over the past five years…

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Campus Frontline Special: Sharing by Interns of the Integral Mission Summer Programme

As COVID-19 pandemic recurs, Hong Kong community and rest of the world are in a state of turmoil, but the Lord keeps calling on college students to seek their faith and live it out. Let us take a look at what students have shared about their summer internship programmes……

Who do you say that I am……?
Evangelical Students Internship Programme (2nd Year)

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Issue 475 Featured Article: The Church in Hong Kong in entering the New Normal

Hong Kong is in the eye of the storm as international relations are in turmoil due to the pandemic of the century. Many things we have been accustomed to for a long time may not be fully restored. In fact, the impact on Church has been severe. In this time of what the world sees as a crisis, how can God’s people turn it into an opportunity?

Church growth was a principle adopted by many in the 80s and 90s…

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Campus Frontline: The end is approaching, where do we go from here?

Amidst the anti-extradition protests, COVID-19 and the impending National Security Law, the young generation in Hong Kong describes the current situation as a kind “endgame”. The opening ceremony of Mission Conference 2020 with the theme of “Disciples’ Road to the End”, cum the youth forum was held on June 22. Four young people shared their views regarding the end times, Hong Kong, the faith-based community and so on…

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Issue 474 Featured Article: Fellowship, Evangelical, Students

“Is there still a need for a student evangelical fellowship?” I ask this question every year. Since the implementation of the new Senior Secondary Curriculum, secondary school fellowships have been shrinking and the attendances have been declining. Moreover, from the perspective of effectiveness, “secondary school fellowship” as a strategy of evangelism seems to have done more harm than good! Is it worth insisting on…

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Corporate Fellowship: Ministry Update: A time to scatter and a time to gather for the graduates’ flock

In facing the epidemic in Hong Kong, and amidst an era of social, congregational, economic and cultural changes, the Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) continues to develop its various ministries with great effort. It is encouraging to see graduates and workplace pastors of all ages keep standing firm on their mission and faithfully live out their faith amidst the struggles. We devote ourselves in prayer and fix our eyes upon Jesus…

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Issue 473 Featured Article: Community in Cross – Shared Suffering, Shared Burden and Shared Path
Ministry Plan of Inter-College Team 2020-2021

The community of Hong Kong has gone through great shocks in the past year. The anti-extradition movement has continued for more than half a year starting from June 2019. On top of that, the COVID-19 epidemic began to spread around the world in late December of the same year. These have tremendously caused the Hong Kong’s society, families, tertiary education, and the physical and mental condition of individuals to undergo dramatic changes…

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Issue 472 Featured Article: “You don’t listen, do you?” – A Listening Campaign that Hong Kong desperately needed

“You don’t listen, do you?”, questioned by Joker, the lead character in the movie “The Joker”, to the manager in charge of his social welfare case.

When I walked out of the cinema, this dialogue lingered on…… and I thought to myself, “If someone had listened, would Joker not have turned into a demon?…

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