Feature Article: Faithful to God by Faith – Interview with Rev YU Wai Kan (Issue 482)

Since I retired at the end of 2008, initially I still preached, conducted Bible studies and led retreats. However, due to health reasons, I have gradually reduced my role in recent years. Now I only work as a consultant for the Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement (HKCRM) and Serving in Mission (SIMHK). After retirement, I continue to provide pastoral care for different people, such as the participants of the Mark Plan and Senior Pastor Training of HKCRM, church members, and graduates I have met over the years at FES. I call these “Friendship Pastoral Care”…

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Campus Frontline: A New and Renewed Person After Lost and Found (Issue 482)

We have been walking with students to re-experience “Lost and Found” this summer, as well as embarking on a journey together to “wholeness” and rediscovering ourselves in the Lord.

From May to July, we went through “Lost and Found” Summer Discipleship Training, travelling all over town and visiting new-style churches and life and death education service social enterprises. We headed up mountains and passed through the sea, into theological books and into the community to serve our neighbors. We also interacted with young people in Taiwan and the Philippines via black screen…

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Issue 482 Featured Article: Perseverance in the Crevice — Literature Ministry of FES

PAUSE has a Pause

Because of the restructuring of staff resources, Pause bookstore has ceased to operate as a physical bookstore, which is much to be missed. As a local cultural bookstore for more than six years, the Pause has said goodbye for the time being, but it is good to see a number of independent bookstores emerging in the community, each with their own unique mission…

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Special Feature: Continuation of a Longstanding Passion of Campus Mission – Interview with an associate staff (Issue 481)

Why is there a group of people, despite having busy day-to-day schedules, choose to continue to work with students after office hours? What motivates them to become associate staff and to continue their mission on campus?

How did you get involved with FES in the first place?

When I joined campus fellowship in Year 1…

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Campus Frontline: The Fractured Journey—Sharing by Students of the Inter-College Internship Programme (Issue 481)

This summer season was a time of gathering and scattering. Some students chose to stay behind, accepting the impact of reality and faith, and asking questions about the meaning of life and mission. Why should we still live out our mission? Let’s hear the heartfelt stories of some of our students.

The Heaviness and Lightness of Divided Lives

After meeting the Catholic community and knowing some atheist friends…

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Issue 481 Featured Article: The Word Became Netizens

“Your work is awesome, but no one knows about it,” is how the FES ministry has been described by many people. What does this tell us about the communication problem of our ministry? How does high quality but low exposure of the ministry affect the overall progress of student evangelism? Should we insist that physical gatherings are the only way to go? How can we use social media to broaden the reach of our ministry…

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Academic and Faith: Embarking on an Academic Journey with Faith – Interview with Professor Peggy Mok Pik Ki

How did you set out on your academic journey?

My academic journey was obviously led by God. I studied Chinese language as an undergraduate and then went to the UK to study for a Master’s degree. Then I had a car accident, fortunately without severe injury. At that time, I had already obtained an offer to study for a PhD, but I did not have the money, so I returned to Hong Kong first. Clearly God responded and gave me plenty of scholarships…

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Campus Frontline: Beyond the Black Screen — 8 Lessons of Discipleship Training (Issue 480)

Christian youth ministry has indeed been limited by the pandemic throughout the past year. The lack of relationship building and personal contact, which is crucial in the teenage years, has made it difficult to roll out the ministry. However, I am reminded by Barry, our General Secretary at Sun Fook Channel that,

“The real downturn (in youth ministry) is not determined by the number of people, financial situation, or the atmosphere…

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