Monthly Prayer Letter (March 2021)

23rd March 2021

Dear companions of FES,

Peace in the Lord! We have to admit that we have entered an era of tribulation. Being honest with ourselves about our inner world is paramount. Beyond that, we also need to ask ourselves (and God), “What is a life that is worth living and fulfilling our true selves?” The values and norms prevalent in society, or the individual’s perceived role in them, build up a sense of who we are, and somehow, they become a self-imposed constraint that we cling to as well. Jesus revealed the paradoxical nature of life, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Mt. 10:39). It is not a state of complete loss of ourselves, but a state of letting go of everything ‘as it should be’ in the Lord and finding our true selves in peace.

What kind of stories do we often hear in Hong Kong today? According to narrative theorists, we naturally select important and relevant things from our own experiences and form a story to share with others, that is ‘life story’. Identity crisis arises from the disappearance of the story and the failure to see our own roles and other possibilities for ourselves. The theologian von Balthasar suggested that in the Theo-drama we are free to interact freely with God, to participate in the drama of the salvation scheme of Christ, and to live out different possible responses in the grace of the Lord. This God-given freedom and creative participation are a true expression of our humanity as created beings.

In my prayers I intercede for the people of Hong Kong. Many are in a state of storylessness and unable to continue to build their stories, especially teachers who have always been passionate about educating the next generation. We held the FES Day 2021 “Guarding this Generation” seminar on Sunday. Thanks to the sharing of several guests who encouraged us not to focus on what we have lost, but to see that there is still a significant space for us to hold on to our positions, to make an impact and to create a future for ourselves and the younger generation. It turns out that our stories can be reorganized and placed in the context of the vast story of God’s kingdom to create a renewed sense of ourselves and recapture the value of our lives.

The AGM of FES was held smoothly, with the election of new Board Directors and Student Directors. Thanks to the stepping-down Directors for their faithful commitment over the past three years, as FES navigates its way through the current era. I look forward to serving together with the new team as God’s co-workers in the unforeseen future, and to embarking on a contemporary role for FES in student work.

What kind of story are you writing about your journey? May we be assured of His guidance and presence in the Lord’s favor. I also invite you to be part of the story of the student evangelism movement. Your prayers and tangible support are part of our story and a blessing to the young people whose growth journeys are so precious in the eyes of the Lord that we cannot help but cherish them.

May you live out the story of your life to the fullest!

Your brother,
General Secretary


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