Annual Appeal 2024

Dear companions of FES,

I had two days of solitude during this Lunar New Year, in which I was reminded of my family’s memories during the festive season. In the quiet, I recalled the days when I spent New Year’s Eve with my late mother. As a child, I made all kinds of goodies with her and shared them with my relatives and neighbors, and the memories of happy times are still fresh. I also thought of the FES staff who nurtured me during my college years. Without their unconditional dedication and patient guidance, I would not be able to take up the role of leading the ministry today. Could you recall the person who has accompanied you through the important stages of your life and still continues to speak to you as your mentor? Paul reminded his spiritual son, Timothy, not to be misled by evildoers or deceivers, but to remember what he had learned about faith (II Tim. 3:14-15). By the Holy Spirit, we are to “guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you” (II Tim. 1:14).

FES has nurtured generations of students, planting spiritual seeds in their lives to take root and grow in the hope that they will continue to “continue what they have learned and have become convinced of” throughout their lives. We affirm in the midst of this era, that FES is committed to the Lord’s mission in the nurture of the younger generation. Through the devoted service of our team, the demands and burdens of the students’ work grow without diminishing, and we can only faithfully keep and fulfill what the Lord has entrusted to us with the “sincere faith” of our hearts. Over the years, graduates from different generations have occasionally sent me a little message or blessing that reaffirms how my efforts have not been in vain in the Lord.

2024 is a year full of many variables, leading us to seize and cherish every opportunity to serve young people, to sow spiritual nourishment for them, and to lay a good foundation of faith. Please listen to the Lord’s calling to the young people of our time, shared by one intern and the other one is a Bible study leader :

“During the internship, we learned more about ourselves through different training programs. For the first time, I have reflected on my past and made peace with who I was. In the future, I hope to make better use of my past experiences and attributes to ‘walk’ with different people.”

“Through studying the Logos of Life together, communicating with each other, sharing our understanding of the Way, witnessing the presence of the Way, sharing each other’s struggles, and encouraging each other at the camp, I was able to unravel my doubts and adjust my direction in the face of loneliness, darkness, and even the pull of society’s major circumstances. Through the Holy Communion service, I was able to rebuild my faith in repentance, and let the Way serve as a guide for my life once again.”

Enclosed is the 2023 Annual Report (available in Chinese version), which gives you a detailed picture of what FES has accomplished over the past year, and a chance to thank God for the lives that have been impacted and changed. Our staff are now busy preparing for the FES Day 2024 “Release and Seminar of the Survey on the Faith Conditions of College Believers in Hong Kong” to be held in March. We sincerely hope that FES will make a contribution to the topic of youth pastoral care in the church, so that the church can truly recognize the current reality and see the real needs of the young people.

Earlier this year, the Lord answered through our supporters by making a loving donation towards FES’s bank mortgage and personal loan, which enabled us to remove the burden of our finances. While we are thankful, please remember the daily operation of FES, which is running short of $780,000 from July last year to the end of January this year. I pray that the Lord will keep us in a balanced position at the end of the year, even with a surplus, allowing our team to have sufficient resources to develop the ministry for the future. We ask for your prayer support and encourage you to share our vision with those around you to witness the Lord’s marvelous work in student evangelism. May the Lord bless you in the Spring Festival!

Your brother,

Barry Cheung

General Secretary


Donation Methods (Local)

  1. Faster Payment System: (FPS ID: 1915727), transfer to “Fellowship of Evangelical Students (Hong Kong) Ltd.”. Please fill in your donation items and donor number (if any) in the remarks or message column.
  2. Crossed cheque: Please make it payable to “Fellowship of Evangelical Students (H.K.) Ltd.”.
  3. Direct deposit / E-banking: Hang Seng Bank 286-126024-002 / HSBC 108-074980-001

* Please send us the Donation Envelope, enclosing with cheque, bank-in slip or screenshot of successful FPS payment via mail or email (for bank-in-slip and FPS screenshot only).
* Donations over $100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong with our receipts.

Mailing Address: 11/F, Cheung Lee Commercial Building, No. 137-143 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Email Address: [email protected]

Donation Methods (Oversea)

Donors desiring tax-deductible receipts for income tax purposes must give through the following organization to receive the necessary receipts.

  • Cheque Donation
    Making cheques payable to “IFES/USA” and send to the following address.
    PO Box 46007
    Madison, WI 53744

    Making cheques payable to “InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada”
    and send to the following address.
    Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
    1 International Boulevard
    Toronto, Ontario,
    M9W 6H3 Canada

    Making cheques payable to “IFES” and send to the following address.
    5 Blue Boar Street
    Oxford OX1 4EE
    United Kingdom
    * Please mark “H.K.F.E.S.” at the left bottom corner and
    “designation # 100088” at the back of the cheque.

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